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United States
I was tagged by :iconthestrangestofall:

Let's start!

1. What is you favorite kind of restaurant?
    Any that serves Italian, Seafood, or Chinese cuisine. Mmm, those are my favourite!

2. What's your favorite class subject?
    I'd have to say English and Social Studies, but mostly the latter; I love to learn about historic moments, especially ones I've never been taught before or knew about. This year I have a really awesome Social Studies teacher who turns the story of the lessons into an epic and hilarious experience that I, and other students, can enjoy. She's totally great!

3. Gun, bow and arrow, giant hammer, or katana?
    I'd have to say arrows, since I'd rather attack my enemies from a farther distance. Guns are too loud.

4. Can you cook? If so, do you have a signature dish? If not, do you have a signature take-out favorite?
    I'm pretty okay at it. Some instructions confuse me (mostly the measurements) but I'll get the hang of it. I love cooking with my mom, especially when we're making my favourite pasta salad dish. It's titled "Rotini with Chicken, Asparagus, and Tomatoes" and we mostly switch up the ingredients since the chicken it says to use is too dry sometimes and nobody favours garlic that much.

5. What is one food you absolutely refuse to eat? (This can be a moral question or it could be related to a pet peeve)
    Tuna. Bleh!

6. When you look directly up, what do you notice?
    You mean like, if I look up right now? I notice a ceiling.

7. What was the most nerve-wracking moment of your life so far? Did you triumph over it? (If not, life gets even more unpredictable from here. That means you'll only have more opportunities to triumph.)
    I'm in this HSTA program where we have to do scientific experiments and make presentations about them. After we're done, we have to go to this symposium and present them in front of a small crowd of people. However I am literally so scared of presenting in front of people, and whenever I present my voice quivers and my whole body starts shaking. I've been doing these HSTA project's for three years now, and the presentations never get any easier. I find it slightly more bearable when my mom is there though.

8. Breathe underwater or fly, which power would you choose?
    Dang, that's a hard one. If i have the ability to breathe underwater, that'd be one less way to die. But if I can fly, I can literally be Peter Pan, and escape any situation. "You can't run from your problems", they said, and I'll be like "No, but I can fly" and bust outta there, heh. I'll have to say breathe underwater.

9. What's one object that you'd want to preserve in amber for all eternity?
10. What's one thing you've wanted to change about yourself this year?
    My self-confidence and work efforts. Not so much has changed though.

11. What's one thing that you adore and are proud of about yourself?
    My creativity.

12. Someone screams "SAVE THEM!" from behind you. What comes to your mind? (It could be a memory or a reference to something you've watched or played.)
    Nothing really. The only thing I thought of was me looking around and saying, "Wtf, save who?!"

13. What do you enjoy doing the most on deviantart?
    Being able to share my drawings with others, and seeing so many fantastic and creative artists on here!


Me: Alright brain, we need to get up early tomorrow. 5AM, alright?

Brain: Nah bitch you is getting up earlier than that

Me: [wakes up at 2AM] ..God dammit
I hate to admit that I am honestly scared right now for America...for us.
Mum had told me that I should keep my head down for a bit because a lot of people are going to be upset today...and honestly, they are, but not to the point of rebellion. 
I like to think, though, that we can all get through this together. I'm just hoping we could all realize that before we tear each other apart from the inside. Let's not fight over this, for it's not safe to prod at fresh wounds. 

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